Central Park New York

We altogether 12 people went in three cars, through Lincoln tunnel, turned right on 40th Street, turned left on 8th Avenue and went directly to West Central Park.  At the corner of 64th Street we found enough space for three cars parking along the street.  We spent a whole day wandering around the park.  While people played and climbed those huge rocks, I found a tree shade and spread my cotton jacket on the ground and . . . slept.  But I hardly was the only one.  I found a lot of people lying around and some actually slept.  It is cool, a little overcast, very comfortable for walking around.  When we returned to our cars we found each car was given a ticket.  We did not realize that we parked at the bus stop.  The fine was 115 dollars.  Ouch!

A few pictures.  We went just around 1/3 of the park.  Perhaps we will come back someday when we forget the pain of receiving the ticket. 

This lampost is on West Central Park Avenue at the intersection 65 or 66th street along the wall of the building Ethic Culture.

Birds in the Central park are very bold, perhaps too familiar with humans.  This little bird refused to fly away when I approached her.
180 179 170
Horse carriage is one of the attractions.  The drawback is we have to smell the dung.  The middle picture is a glimpse of The Tavern on the Green.  The policemen are talking to a foreigner, it seemed he complained about something.  After that the policemen ran after a horse that came loosed.  It is interesting because the horse followed the traffic rule.  The street was one way so it would be even more horribly chaotic if the horse went against traffic.

The Frank’s cove.  It looks very much Japanese

204 203 188
I walked around the ethic culture building and saw a few nice designs on a building next to the ethic culture building.  Some wealthy people had such amazingly little flowers in a trough.  I have the whole grove behind my house.  Bragging
186 187 185
160 153 151 150
The birds said best place to rest.  Water lillies came in two colors, purple and pink.

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141 135
The two break dancers in a performance.  Lanscape in the central park.
133 132 127 126
125 118 117 115
112 111 110 105
There are many performers in the park.  This young fellow is an amazing drummer.  The first time I have ever seen a black squirrel.
081 078 076
I spotted this couple.  At a glance I had thought that she was topless because her shirt was pale pink almost like naked skin.

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I was not the only one who napped on the lawn.  This lady was one too.
The make shift house of a homeless person.  The plastic sheet is large enough to cover a bench and also has a canopy.


He needs to put his clothes on, don’t you think?

10 thoughts on “Central Park New York”

  1. I went to Central Park last summer.  Enjoyed it.  I would love to visit Central Park in the Fall to see all the yellow and orange leaves. 


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