Green Flowers

005 031 (2) 015 dogwood 3

Opposite to NJPAC, across the street, is a fenced parking lot.  Along the fence are shrubs that I do not know the name.  These shrubs are cut and trimmed into hedges.  In the fall the hedges are bright red very attractive.  In the last few weeks if it is not cold or very wet or very hot (one week) so I do not take my usual lunch time walk.  Last two days the weather is nice I walk around Newark and by NJPAC.  The hedges along the fence is vivid green.  The shrubs have tiny green flowers.  I try to take a close up and larger picture (the first picture) but my camera sensor cannot pick up the flowers, just the leaves.  The second picture I took in early spring when I went to the meeting in Jersey City.  These clustered flowers may be mistaken as young leaves.  I guess they are oak flowers but not sure.  In front of my train station waiting room there is a large tree, last year spring, with proper temperature the tree bloomed fully.  The entire tree was covered profusely with these flowers.  The last two pictures are of green dogwood.  I have been in love with its look for a while but just learn of its name.  Green flowers and blue flowers always get my attention.


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